Bible Class Media

All of the Bible classes and church services at West Houston Bible Church are live streamed and recorded for later viewing and listening through the Dean Bible Ministries website ( Dean Bible Ministries is an independent, 501(c)(3)-based media ministry formed to provide free distribution of sound Bible teaching media and materials. It is the desire of Dean Bible Ministries to reach as many people as possible with the simplicity of the Gospel of salvation by faith alone in Jesus Christ alone, and to provide spiritual nourishment to those who have put their trust in Christ and have come to understand the importance of a daily intake of the Word of God, the Bible, with our ultimate goal being to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

Live Stream

All Bible classes held at West Houston Bible Church are video recorded and live streamed.

When it's time for a Bible class to begin (see the schedule below) please click on the Play button in the player window below (or the triangle in the black bar at the bottom of either player) to begin the live streaming. Other controls at the bottom of the video screen include volume control and the option to enlarge the video player to full screen on your computer.

Sunday Hymns

If you're live streaming our Sunday service and would like to join in with singing the hymns, you can find a link to the text for the hyms that are being sung that particular Sunday under our Calendar/Events tab. Click on the particular Sunday and you'll see the links to the hymns in the Description for the class. You can find downloads of the hymns that we sing on the website.


Video Live Stream

Live streaming of our Bible classes is available as follows: 

Sunday Worship Service
   10:30 am - 12:00 pm*
   The Book of Ephesians

Weekly Bible Teaching
   Tuesday - 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm*

   Thursday - 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm*
   The Book of Philippians


*Central time


Archived Bible Studies


Our Bible classes are available for viewing on our Vimeo and YouTube channels several hours after the completion of the class. You can access them here:




MP3 files and supporting materials of all classes are available on the Dean Bible Ministries website shortly after the completion of the class. Thousands of other Bible classes are also available at the click of your mouse.