Tenets & Policies


West Houston Bible Church shall not at any time become a member, sanction, or support any denomination, association of churches, or religious organization of any kind.

Based on our understanding of the Scripture [the historic Christian definition of marriage and a literal interpretation of the Bible, which defines marriage as being between one man and one woman], West Houston Bible Church does not recognize nor will it allow any officers to perform any civil marriage.

West Houston Bible Church, on the basis of the historic teaching of Christianity and a literal interpretation of Scripture, does not sanction [or recognize] the ordination of practicing homosexuals, adulterers, idolaters, pedophiles, or criminals as pastors, evangelists, or deacons.

West Houston Bible Church recognizes the sanctity of Christian marriage. West Houston Bible Church does not authorize any of its representatives to perform a civil wedding ceremony. A “civil wedding ceremony” is defined as signing and witnessing the marriage license required for the legalization of a marriage union in the eyes of civil government. The divine institution of Christian marriage is one that may be recognized through a wedding ceremony that reflects Biblical standards of marriage and focuses on the redemptive role and the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God as central in the life of a healthy marriage. Therefore we do authorize our representatives to perform only a Christian wedding ceremony which is independent from any civil requirement. When a couple desires to be married, it should be made clear that if they wish their union to be legal in the eyes of the civil government that it is their responsibility to obtain a marriage license and fulfill the legal requirements of the civil government for filing that license with the local magistrate, justice of the peace, or other authorized representative of civil government. West Houston Bible Church reserves the right to determine the circumstances under which they will perform a Christian wedding.

West Houston Bible Church [on the basis of the historic teaching of Christianity and a literal interpretation of Scripture] does not sanction or recognize the ordination of women as pastors, evangelists, or deacons (1 Timothy 2:12)