West Houston Bible Church

West Houston Bible Church was founded in April of 2004 to provide in-depth biblical teaching so that Christians can understand the nature and implications of the gospel to their everyday lives, learn to think biblically about challenging issues of the 21 century, surmount the inevitable problems and adversities of life through the sufficient grace of God and the principles of His Word, and grow to spiritual maturity.

God not only provided us with a perfect and complete salvation based upon His grace and the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ on the Cross, but also with a marvelous revelation or disclosure from God to mankind. The Christian life begins with learning to live on the basis of the unique ability God has provided through the filling of God the Holy Spirit and the timeless principles, promises, and provision explained in His Word. As the Christian grows, he must also develop the ability to think and interact with every area of life from the framework of God’s own thinking. 

The vision of West Houston Bible Church is to teach the Bible so that believers can develop critical thinking skills about every detail of life. Only by growing to spiritual maturity, is the believer able to develop a spiritual impact on the world where God has placed us, and become prepared for a future destiny to rule with Jesus Christ in His eternal kingdom.